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3 Keys to Effective Website Design

posted by CAPTIVATEDESIGNS.COM // August 25, 2010 // Build Your Website

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When it comes to an effective website design, most people give a high rating to a website based on how good it looks. However, implementing an effective web page design that brings you the results you desire takes more than just great aesthetics. Let’s take a look at the three components that your website must address to perform well and bring you results.

Visual Design – Effective web page design must be visually appealing to entice visitors to get them to dig deeper into your site. As a rule, you have three seconds to wow them or they will move on – leaving your website with a high bounce rate. Make those three seconds count by researching what is the best visual way to communicate to your target audience, identifying everything from the color you use, the fonts you choose, images and graphics, and making your call to action stand out.

User Experience – Creating a seamless website experience will help increase your conversion rates by encouraging website visitors to take the action you want them to take, whether it is to share their information or make a purchase. When building your website, make sure all pages are accessible by a minimum amount of clicks, and make it easy to get from point A to point B and back.

Design Engineering – Just as important as an effective web page design, and key to user experience, is the engineering behind your website that visitors don’t see. It’s what makes your website function, and has the capacity to affect your users’ experience, as well as whether or not you are picked up by the search engines. One way to ensure that you have a search engine friendly website is to ensure that it passes validation according to the web standards organization w3c.org. Another is to get your website validated by Google, and then use their webmaster tools to ensure that your pages are uniquely created to satisfy the needs of search engines.

Ensuring that your website incorporates all three of the above components is paramount to the success and return on investment you get from your website. If your website is lacking in any one of these areas, it will affect your bottom line.

  • Lacking visual appeal, you will experience a high bounce rate.
  • A bad user experience will lead to a high abandonment rate, which will result in less leads or sales.
  • And if your website is not engineered correctly it will affect your ability to climb to the top of the search engines for your keywords.

The key to an effective website design is to implement all three factors. Get them all right and you will have a website that contributes to your bottom line and generates new business.

Nicole McCullum is the founder of Captivate Designs, a New York web design company servicing clients throughout the U.S., Canada and UK. Captivate Designs offers affordable website designs that are search engine friendly, project a professional image, establish credibility, and convert more visitors into leads and customers.


Nicole McCullum

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